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It’s no secret that I am obsessed with beauty boxes.  They are a great way to discover new products at a really inexpensive price point.  I’m currently on a mission to try out as many beauty boxes as possible and report back on my findings.  Ipsy has been gaining popularity so I thought I would give it a try.  Read on to find out why I absolutely do not recommend Ipsy.

Normally I wouldn’t spend the time to write a post outlining all of the reasons I DON’T like a company.  I prefer to be a positive person and dwell on the aspects of something that I do like, but this whole experience rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning.

Ipsy left a bad taste in my mouth from the minute that I signed up.  I spent quite a bit of time filling out a detailed profile answering lots of questions about my preferences.  I thought this was a good sign that I would be matched with products that were a good fit.  After I filled out all of my information, gave them my credit card and signed up, I received the message below telling me that I was added to the waitlist.  I thought it was a little odd to accept someones credit card information without telling them that they can’t currently accommodate your business.  I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to the growing pains of a small company.  Then I noticed the fine print indicating that I can skip the waitlist.  Basically, if you share a post about Ipsy on your Facebook, they will let you skip the line and become a member.  To me, this is absolutely ludicrous.  The company is essentially forcing you into giving them free advertising when you haven’t even had a chance to try the product and see if it is worth recommending.  This came off as dishonest to me, so I decided to cancel my spot on the waitlist.

Ipsy Waitlist #1 Ipsy Waitlist #2

When I went to the website and looked for a phone number to call, I found that they don’t have a phone number and don’t offer phone support.  I understand that a lot of small businesses are doing this now, but I’m not a fan.  There is something about talking an issue through with a person on the phone that I appreciate, and the fact that I wasn’t even able to do that, was irritating.  So instead I sent them an email asking to be taken off of the waiting list.  I received a reply very quickly from a customer service rep letting me know that if I would rethink canceling my membership, she could find a spot for me immediately and my beauty bag could be shipped out within a week or two.  Against my better judgement, (I blame my beauty addiction), I decided to stay on for one month to give a try.

Ipsy No Phone Number

I just received my May beauty bag and once again, I am disappointed.  I want to mention that I’ve received bad beauty boxes before but haven’t canceled.  I think it is like anything else, you aren’t going to love everything all the time and I like that it pushes me to try new products I otherwise would have never purchased.  But with Ipsy, I already had a bit of a chip on my shoulder so I really needed the bag to WOW me.

I expected to have products tailored to my style based on the extensive profile that I filled out, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I felt like I received everything I would never want.  This could be due to the fact that they rushed out my bag quickly and didn’t bother to look at my preferences, but still, not okay.  Here is what I received.  (Notice I’m not even taking the time to put together a board displaying the products…)

1. NYX Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

This was super disappointing because I love NYX lip cream.  It’s a great product and I have it in a ton of colors.  Unfortunately this color was extremely unflattering for my skin tone and the complete opposite of what I filled out in my profile.

2. Beau Gâchis Brush – Tapered Blending

I didn’t dislike this brush, but I also didn’t love it.  It was just OK.

3. Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioning Spray

It’s not that I don’t like this product, I just feel inundated by it.  I have received it in so many beauty boxes and received so many samples of it from Sephora, it just feels overdone.  One of the reasons I love Birchbox is because they are constantly introducing me to new brands and boutique products that I’ve never heard of before.

4. Elizabeth Mott Pop Goes the Shadow – Goldy

I will give them this, I have never heard of this brand before and it seems unique and fun.  The problem is that they sent a color that is so taste specific and so opposite of anything I would ever want.  I looked online and it looks like they have amazing colors, but for some reason they sent out this really intense gold shade that I will never wear.  I hate to say it, but it feels like they pulled the one color that wasn’t selling and sent it to Ipsy to get rid of it.

5. Eyeko London Eye Do Liquid Eyeline

Liquid eyeliner is something that I don’t really ever wear.  It’s just not one of my favorite things.  This product is nice, nothing against Eyeko, I was just surprised to see a liquid liner after I filled out so many details in my profile regarding what I like and don’t like.

It could possibly be that they threw together a bag for me at the last minute to get something sent out, but there was about three weeks time in between my complaint and the bag shipping, so probably not.  Now that I sound like a total complainer, I’m going to point out a few other things I wasn’t a fan of.  (I’ve told you before that I am all about the details and I really feel that the details are what makes the difference in a customer experience).

Packaging: Most of the boxes come in a brightly colored box with another bag or box inside.  This is makes it feel special like getting a present.  The Ipsy bag was sent in a pink foil package that was so small I almost missed it.  I think this is a missed branding opportunity for them to make a better first impression.  The bag inside was just okay, it felt kind of dated and not at all on trend with what the other companies are producing.  Finally, and this is a big one for me, the card insert was not helpful or useful.  All of the beauty boxes I’ve tried insert a card or large paper detailing what the samples inside are, giving you info about the company and product, and telling you tips of how to use them.  To me, this is very valuable information.  The Ipsy card was just a quick story about the founders trip to London and Paris, nothing about the actual products they sent.  I thought that was odd.  When I went onto the Ispy website to cancel my membership, a pop up came up asking me to review Ipsy and review the individual products.  I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to give them feedback.  In true Ipsy fashion, they wanted me to log into my Facebook account in order to submit the reviews.  After that, making my decision to cancel was easy.

In short, there are so many more amazing beauty boxes and bags out there, don’t waste your time with Ipsy.



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