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I’ve raved about my love for Atelier Cologne in recent posts but I have so much to say about their products, I figured they deserved their own post.  Of all the perfume brands I have been trying lately, none of the scents last as long as the Atelier ones do.  For me, that is the most important part of any fragrance, particularly ones with higher price points.

The Atelier Cologne fragrances are concentrated at 15% pure perfume.  The company was inspired by the original eau de cologne recipe from 1709 which mixes citrus and herbal ingredients.  They blend unexpected and rare extracts with fresh citruses to create their unique scents.  Their goal is to create colognes to be worn as pure perfumes.  Their products do not contain parabens, paraffin liquid, GMOs, colorants, sulfates or animal derived ingredients.  I am always surprised at the staying power these scents offer.  Of all the brands I have tried, I have never had a scent last as long as these.  They carved a niche for themselves in the fragrance market, a “cologne absolute” which has the richness of an eau de parfum paired with the airy freshness of a citrus cologne.

My second favorite thing about this company, is their branding.  Each scent begins with a story or powerful memory and a beautiful collage image.  They consider each scent to be a moment in a bottle drawing from unique individual moments, capturing emotions and memories.  The Atelier Cologne experience starts from the moment you receive a sample.  The samples are packaged in wax paper and come with a postcard.  The front of the postcard shows a collage depicting objects pertaining to the memory and the back has a brief description of a memory associated with the scent.  They have done an incredible job of creating a story around the scent that transports you to another place.  It makes the whole process more of an experience.  Here are some examples of the memory descriptions:

Orange Sanguine- “It was the kind of moment you would want to revisit. Everyone was here, gathered on the terrace for breakfast, and the scent of fresh oranges was diffusing in the yellow heat. A symphony of their laughter and waves hitting the cliffs played in the air.”

Clementine California- “He had been looking for her for months all over Los Angeles. This perfect stranger, with her fragile and elegant silhouette, was the perfect incarnation of the natural and fresh beauty.”

Vanille Insensée- “He wove through the crowd when suddenly his heart quickened. That scent. It was hers. He had worn it first until she stole it for herself. Now, there she was before him and the magic of years past came flooding back in a moment.”

The memories and collages add so much to each scent I found myself wanting to see and read them all.

The colognes are thoughtfully organized by collection:

Joie De Vivre | Fresh and Lively Citruses

Clementine California, Pomelo Paradis, Orange Sanguine, Bergamote Soleil and Cédrat Enivrant.

Chic Absolu | Clean, Transparent and Elegant

Grand Neroli, Bois Blonds, Trèfle Pur, Oolang Infini and Iris Rebelle

Avant Garde | Warm, Audacious and Unexpected

Vanille Insensée, Café Tuberas, Ambre Nue, Rose Anonyme, Vétiver Fatal, Jasmin Angélique, Musc Imperial and Sous le toit de Paris

Haute Couture | Powerful, Rare and Precious

Oud Saphir, Emeraude Agar, Camélia Intrépide, Santal Carmin, Blanche Immortelle, Silver Iris, Gold Leather and Rendez-vous

Carte Blanche | Spicy, Exotic and Wild

Encens Jinhae, Philtre Ceylan, Poivre Electrique, Mimosa Indigo and Tobacco Nuit

Bon Voyage | Sunny, Bright and Colorful

Citron d’Erable, Mandarine Glaciale, Sud Magnolia, Figuier Ardent and Cèdre Atlas


Here are some examples of the beautiful collages created around the scents:






It is not often that I am so completely and thoroughly impressed by a brand the way that Atelier Cologne has impressed me.  I think that their attention to detail sets them far ahead of their competitors and has certainly made me a loyal customer.

For more information on Atelier Cologne check out these articles from Vanity Fair  and Bloomberg.

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