Product Review: Purvari Rose Petal Mist

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I recently received a bottle of the Purvari Rose Petal Mist and I am so excited to share this find with you!  PURVARI (pure-vah-reespecializes in luxurious plant-based products.  (You know how much I love a green beauty brand!).  This product contains no GMOs, pesticides or parabens and is made in small batches.  Upon first use I could immediately tell this is a good quality product.  From the beautiful packaging and branding, to the real authentic rose scent, I was very impressed.  Many other rosewaters contain a mix of water with a few drops of rose oil, Purvari’s rosewater contains water-soluble nutrients that can only be extracted from petals through steam distillation or steeping.  This creates a product rich in the properties of the petal itself.  Their rose petals are hand picked on organic rose farms in India.  With many other products, the solution has been diluted and fragrance is added back in to get that rose scent.  Purvari rose petal mist is made with approximately 250 grams of organic rose petals giving you a natural steam-distilled rosewater versus many other products which are synthetic and not distilled.

This product has many benefits including balancing oil, reducing redness, toning and hydrating the skin as well as anti-aging.  It’s a very versatile product which you can use as a toner after cleansing, or as a setting spray over makeup.  I love using it throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and soft.  As far as I could tell, the rose petal mist is the first product from Purvari and I am so excited to see what they come up with next.


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