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Sephora Play Smarts: Complexion Your Way | Review

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I’ve gushed enough over my love of the Sephora Play specialty boxes, but I really just can’t get enough of what a great deal they are.  I got this box marked down to $10 (there are still some available at this link: Sephora Play Smarts: Complexion Your Way) and it is filled with so many amazing products!  

Sephora Collection Beauty Uncomplicated 10 HR wear perfection foundation

This is a good quality foundation.  I think sometimes the Sephora brand gets lost in the shuffle with all of the well known trendy and cult classic brands that they carry, but their own product line is awesome too!  Check out this foundation for a good quality product at a reasonable price point.  

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight – 01 Hefty Highlight

Usually I prefer a powder highlighter over a stick formula but this is a very nice shade and easier to apply than other stick highlighters I’ve used in the past. ¬†While I don’t think this will be an every day product for me, I will definitely use it again. ¬†

Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Radiance

Even though I love Bobbi Brown products, I didn’t intially have high expectations for this primer.  I’ve tried so many radiance primers lately and they all seem the same.  The good news is, I was totally wrong!  This primer is in a league of its own.  I put it on the first morning under my makeup and got so many compliments throughout the day I decided to wear it every day this week.  My makeup looks better than it ever has.  This stuff is a miracle worker and I have to have it.  

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder

I’m actually guilty of judging this powder harshly before I tried it like the primer above.  I’ve tried so many setting powders and they all just start to feel exactly the same after a while.  This powder though, lived up to my tests.  I tried this out for three days in a row working 12 hours and when I came home at the end of the evening, my makeup looked just as good as when I left that morning.  This stuff is GOOD.  I highly recommend it and will absolutely continue to use it.  

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser

I’ve talked about this cleanser in the past (read all about that here) and while it isn’t my all time favorite, it is still a very good quality every day cleanser.  I am a big fan of It Cosmetics and have yet to try a product from them that I didn’t like.  

Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

I’ve been curious about Saturday Skin and have wanted to test out their products for a while now.  This Glacier Water Cream is formulated with a patented concentration of CHA 7 es complex to target seven signs of aging while utilizing Alaska glacier water to protect from free radicals.  XPERTMOIST protects from dehydration with a fusion of ferments and amino acids.  Initially when I opened the container and saw it was a gel formula I was a little bit disappointed because I don’t really love gel products, but I figured I would give it a try.  When I applied it, it felt sticky and didn’t absorb quickly.  Unfortunately, this product is not a good fit for me.  My skin felt so sticky for hours after applying it and it basically confirmed all of the reasons I usually don’t purchase gel creams.  

Sephora Collection Beauty Magnet Concealer Brush  

This brush is advertised as a concealer brush that is good for the under eye and other small areas of the face.  The bristles are synthetic and the handle is a really pretty magnetic ombre tone.  While I like this brush and think it’s pretty good, I wouldn’t have purchased it on its own.  I’m glad I got to try it as part of a beauty box because I don’t like it enough to use it all the time.  

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