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I Tried Beauty Pie, Heres What I Thought…

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Your first thought may be, what the heck is Beauty Pie?  Beauty Pie is a private label beauty line that markets itself as the first ever buyers club for beauty.  Here’s how it works:

Each membership level has a corresponding monthly spending limit.  You can shop up to your spending limit and pay members only exclusive prices.  If you have funds left over they will roll over to the next month.  (You can also upgrade your membership to another level).  The membership options are: $5/month = $50 spending limit, $10/month = $100 spending limit, $20/month, $200 spending limit, $30/month = $300 spending limit, $99/year = $100/month spending limit.  

Beauty Pie says that members are paying their exact cost on products with no markup built in to the members pricing.  They estimate that their members prices are up to 85% off of typical retail.  It did seem odd to me how they could afford to sell at their cost, with no margins how does a company make money?  

This all seemed too good to be true, so I decided to become a member for a few months and report back on my findings.  Here is what I found…

First Impression:

The Beauty Pie packaging is fantastic!  It arrives in a beautiful box with tissue paper like a present.  I love the black, white and pink color palette and everything is branded with Beauty Pie.  The individual boxes are great quality.  They have a linen feel to them and they are almost too nice to throw away.  I love the simplicity of the black and white packaging for all of the products and the clean lines of the font used.  It feels classic.

The first two products I tried are linked below with their regular price and member price:

1. Overnight Skin Perfector  REGULAR PRICE $90 MEMBERS PAY $6.64

2. Plantastic Youth Guard Eye Cream REGULAR PRICE $50 MEMBERS PAY $6.58

As you can tell from those numbers, this seems like a total steal.  According to Beauty Pie their products are luxury cosmetics and high performance skincare but the prices can be this low because there is no middleman, marketing or retailer costs.  As much as I wanted to like the Skin Perfector and Eye Cream.  I didn’t think it did anything for me at all.  If these products were marketed as a medium quality or maybe a drugstore level comparison I probably wouldn’t have had such high expectations, but after reading about how luxury and high end the products are supposed to be, I was definitely disappointed.  In my opinion, there is no world where these items would be sold for $90 or $50.  I decided to stay on as a member for a couple of more months to try a sampling of their different products to see how the skincare and makeup quality differed.  

The next products I tried were…

3. Wondercolour Nail Polish in “Go to Girl” REGULAR PRICE $18 / MEMBERS PAY $2.57

I love the color of this nail polish but the quality is not good. It takes forever to dry and doesn’t last as long as other luxury nail brands.

4. Wondergloss Lip Oil REGULAR PRICE $28 / MEMBERS PAY $5.40

I was expecting to love this lip oil but it was just okay. It’s pretty sheer so if you are looking for something with color, this isn’t it. My biggest complaints were that it was a bit sticky and it had a bad taste to it.

5. Multi Glow Strobing Stick in Day Glow REGULAR PRICE $26 / MEMBERS PAY $4.77

This product isn’t bad. It’s a little harder to blend than other highlighting sticks I’ve used but I still like it. This is probably the best product from the bunch.

6. Pro Strobe Luminizer REGULAR PRICE $38 / MEMBERS PAY $7.61

This is another product that I didn’t think was bad. The rose shape definitely has a higher end feel and it does give you a nice glow. This is one of the better products.

Bottom Line:

I think this is a great great concept and a very cool idea. The execution of the idea falls short for me. I kept my membership for about three months but I wasn’t happy enough to continue with the company because I didn’t feel that the products were on the quality level that they were promoting. Honestly, I think if I had lower expectations going in I probably would have liked some of the products more. If you ignore their regular price/retail estimate you would be expecting exactly what you get, a moderate quality product for an extremely cost effective price. Unfortunately for me, I was expecting top tier quality and this just did not live up to my expectations.

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