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Glamglow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment

ThirstyMud is a mask that moisturizes, restores and calms the skin. It also features Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin, HydraPack and GreenEnergy to smooth and energize your skin. Overall I think this is a nice product. It does leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but there is also a stickiness to it that I don’t love. Because of this, I would recommend using this product at night only.

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water Ultra

I’ve used so many different micellar waters at this point and the quality is all over the board. This option from La Roche-Posay is one of the better ones out there. It is great for sensitive skin because it doesn’t cause any irritation. I would recommend this product.

Wild Child Eau De Parfum by Pinrose

Wild Child is a simple but beautiful fragrance by the brand Pinrose. It has notes of gardenia and jasmine that combine to make a light fruity floral scent. The Wild Child scents by Pinrose are made to be layered which I think is cool, but at the price point per bottle I wish the scents were a bit more complex and able to stand on their own. As much as I totally love this frangrance, I’m just not sure the price point is justified and so for that reason I would not purchase this.

Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

This concentrate from Kiehls is possibly my favorite product I’ve tried so far this year. Wow this is good. This concentrate targets fine lines but I really felt that it made my skin overall just look so much better, brighter and smoother. I did test this on a deep line in my neck to see just how effective it is on lines, and I did start to see a difference although I ran out of the deluxe sample before I had a chance to notice a huge change. I will definitely purchase this in the full size because the results are fantastic.

Korres Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Spotless Serum

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty winner and is made up of a powerful 15% vitamin c to reduce the appearance of dark spot, dullness and skin discoloration. It has a two phase process to achieve these results. While I did enjoy this product and love that it received the Clean at Sephora seal, I don’t love it enough to justify purchasing it. There are so many other serums out there it is a competitive market and this one just didn’t stand out to me.

Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer

This moisturizer is pretty good but didn’t blow me away. I think it’s a good quality all around product but I didn’t really have any results that were drastic enough to make me want to use this again in the future. There are better products out there for this price point.

Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer

Mario Badescu has some amazing products and I always ask myself why I don’t use this brand more. The honey moisturizer is a gentle blend of honey and orange extract that hydrates and lightly exfoliates. It also contains peanut oil which is a great source of Vitamin A. You don’t need much of this product, a little bit goes a long way. It made my skin look and feel healthy and fresh. I will definitely use this again.

Alterna Caviar Multi Vitamin Heat Protectant Spray

I’ve been addicted to Alterna products for over ten years now and I have never had a bad experience with the brand. This heat protectant spray is another quality product. I think anyone would find this product to be a good addition to their haircare routine and I love anything that incorporates a heat protectant aspect.

Brio Geo Color Me Brilliant Mushroom and Bamboo Color Protectant Primer

I really wanted to love this product because I like Brio Geo as a brand, but for me this just wasn’t hydrating enough. I do think this made my color look great, my hair definitely had more shine to it, but hydration is my first priority and this product just didn’t have that.

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel

This product is desceribed as an ultralight gel cream and I completely agree. Although I am not a fan of gel creams usually, this is a good one because it is lighterweight and doesn’t make my skin feel sticky. If you are interested in trying a gel cream I would highly recommend this one.

Supergoop Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40

I want to start this off by saying Supergoop is one of my favorite brands. I absolutely love their products and I’m a huge fan. This product was talked up quite a bit by a lot of bloggers online so my expectations were pretty high. I think this is a good product, but not amazing. It still has that sunblock feel to it that I don’t love. I felt that it didn’t absorb that well and left my skin feeling a little bit greasy which showed right through my makeup. I much prefer their Unseen Sunscreen product and I will definitely continue to use that one over this one.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow

This pains me to say because I love Charlotte Tilbury, but this product was not good for me at all. It left a sticky consistency that I didn’t like and it did not absorb well. As a result, when I applied my makeup it didn’t look good and didn’t last as long as it normally does. I’m not sure if I received a sample that had gone bad, but I definitely would not purchase this product based on my experience.

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