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Why I Became a Member of Young Living

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Today on the blog I’m going to talk about another passion of mine, creating a clean and healthy home. I posted a little about this when I first started the blog, but since then I’ve ended up talking more about beauty and travel and not as much about my personal experiences with green living. I am far from an expert, but I’ve learned a lot and am I excited to continue sharing what I’ve learned through trial and error.

I’ve been an intermittent user of essential oils for years but have never really committed to using them 100%. I’ve taken classes and read books but never really took the jump to go all in with them. I purchased them online from different vendors not ever really sure if what I was purchasing was authentic or quality.

My husband and I have tried to live pretty clean in our home and for the past few years have really paid attention to indoor air quality and the products were are using. Over the past year my asthma escalated so much that I’ve recently had to make even more changes in my life. One of the first things to go was my beloved candles. I always had candles burning at my house but I started noticing that, with the exception of a few really clean candle brands, most all candle companies were giving me respiratory issues. I started diffusing essential oils in place of my candles and loved the results! With everything that has been going on I decided if I was ever going to really give a essential oils a try, why not now?

I recently made the jump and became a member of Young Living for a multitude of reasons. After doing some research it seemed obvious to me that Young Living is definitely the industry leader. They have been in business for twenty five years and have more than 270 essential oils and over 600 products available. They also support 170 charities and causes through the D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation.

Having used low quality essential oils in the past, it was important for me to source only the highest quality products for our home. Young Living sources from their own farms, partner farms and Seed-to-Seal certified suppliers that all adhere to their Partnership Principles that help to ensure the purity of the products through the supply chain. I also saw a friend of mine become a member of Young Living and watched first hand as her and her family fell in love with the products.

I just received my starter kit and I’m excited to utilize all of these products to their potential. As always, I’ll be writing about my honest thoughts and experiences on the blog so stay tuned.

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