Oily Life: My Favorite Diffuser Blends

Essential Oils

One of the things I want to focus on this month is sharing some of my favorite diffuser blends. There are endless combinations out there and I love researching new ones and testing them out to find my favorites. This month I challenged myself to try a new diffuser blend every day and here are some of my favorite blends that I will definitely use again and again!

First up is my focus blend. This one is perfect for the morning when you need a little boost. Peppermint wakes me up and makes me feel alert so I love to diffuse this in my workspace. I would have never thought to pair peppermint with rosemary and grapefruit but that is one of the many reasons I love Pinterest, there are so many great recipes there!

Diffuser #1

Bergamot and Eucalyptus are two of my favorite oils but it never occurred to me to pair them together. Mixed with Stress Away and Lime this blend was fun and summery.

This next blend is hands down my favorite ever. If you don’t have the lime essential oil I highly recommend purchasing it. It is a lower price point but it pairs well with so many oils and creates so many great summery, beachy blends. If I could only diffuse one blend forever, it would be this one.

Diffuser #3

Everyone knows I’m addicted to Valor, it is one of my favorite oils. I try not to diffuse it too often because it is a higher price point oil and I prefer to roll it directly on myself, but once in a while I diffuse it and get the whole house smelling like valor. I found this blend on Pinterest, and while I probably wouldn’t have thought to put it together on my own, I love it!

I have to tell you about my love for Patchouli. Every oil blend that has patchouli becomes an instant favorite of mine so I finally ordered a bottle of it and it has become one of my most used oils. I love the earthy smell and it blends so seamlessly with every possible scent combination. I’ve been diffusing this so often I’ve started to refer to it as the signature scent of our house.

Diffuser Blend 7

Recently I’ve tried to step up my diffusing game by creating blends that have more oils in them. I find this creates really unique and elevated scents that remind me of high end candles (without all the crazy toxins). I definitely recommend giving this blend a try.

Diffuser Blend 6

I’m really excited about this next blend! Since before I was even a Young Living member, I saw everyone on Instagram talking about the diffuser blend that smells exactly like the volcano candle from Anthropologie. As we know, candles are super toxic, and being able to recreate a beloved scent in a natural way is amazing. I finally ordered geranium this month and I’m so excited I can finally make the volcano blend.

Last up is one of my newest favorite blends. I had my eye on black pepper for a while but I just received it this month and it’s amazing! It’s a beautiful, earthy scent that puts a totally new spin on my normal blends. I decided to put three earthy oils together for more of a grounded, masculine scent and it worked so well!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these diffuser ideas and that they inspire you to try some new blends you haven’t used before!



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