Oily Tip: Bulk Diffuser Blends

Essential Oils

Today I’m sharing a fun oily tip I learned from Instagram. Many essential oil users have go to blends that they diffuse constantly and they are simplifying the process of diffusing by creating bulk blends to keep near the diffuser. This makes it super easy to get your favorite blend going quickly. It’s also really helpful if you like to diffuse the same scent in multiple diffusers around the house. I decided to order some 30ml dropper bottles and give this idea a try!

I started with my go to nightly diffuser blend: lavender and gentle baby. This is what I diffuse every single night in my bedroom for sleep support. Lavender is known universally as a relaxing scent and creates a restful environment. Gentle baby is a newer oil to me, but I fell in love with it instantly. It has a soft, gentle smell to it that I find very relaxing and lavender compliments it so well. Since I use this blend every day, this was the first one I wanted to try in bulk. I usually eyeball the proportions, some nights I make it stronger than others. The diffuser in my bedroom is very small so a little goes a long way. I do two parts lavender, one part gentle baby. To start, I put 30 drops of lavender and 15 drops of gentle baby into the dropper bottle. I will add more, but this was a good starting point.

Picking a most used daytime blend was really difficult. I have several which I use on repeat, but picking my absolute favorite is tough! Since summer is starting I decided to go with my favorite summery blend which I use in the diffuser several days a week. This is a blend of lime, stress away and peace and calming. I’ve blogged about this blend before, I just love it so much. It is basically vacation in a bottle. For this recipe I use equal parts of each oil, so I will increase that in equal parts to fill about half of the dropper bottle. I labeled this one summer since I will use this all summer long.

This is such an easy “hack” to use your oils more frequently and simplify your life. We know that in order to get the full benefits of essential oils they need to be used consistently and I’m all for anything that will promote that. What blends are on repeat at your house?



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