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Switch and Ditch: DIY Dry Shampoo

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One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about being a member of Young Living is the access to low tox products. I’ve been on a low tox journey for years but as I learn more I want to change more. I’m going to be starting a series of posts called “switch and ditch” which refers to switching to non toxic products and ditching your old ones!

I consider myself pretty savvy about household toxins but the more I learn about the products we use every day, the more shocked I am about the ingredients.  I love dry shampoo, it’s a must have when life is hectic and you need to squeeze another day out of your hairstyle, but I never knew how bad traditional dry shampoos are for you.

I did some digging and was disappointed to read that traditional dry shampoos contain talc which can be contaminated with asbestos and linked to cancer, yikes.  Many common dry shampoos also contain denatured alcohol which is a known skin irritant and fragrance which we know is a catch all term for a lot of bad ingredients.  The average fragrant can contain 14 “secret chemicals” that can be related to everything from hormone disruption to lung disease.  If you’re using an aerosol style dry shampoo you are dealing with even more issues.  Aerosol dry shampoos use Liquefied Petroleum Gas to propel the product out of the can and into the air you breathe.  When you use these products you can be breathing in synthetic chemicals, butane and propane. .

So now that I know better, I want to do better.  There are some low tox dry shampoos on the market but they are all pretty expensive.  I knew that there must be some way to use my oils and recreate an all natural dry shampoo at home.  I found a super easy recipe on Pinterest and put together this batch in a couple of minutes!  The recipe is really simple:

1/4 cup of arrowroot powder

2 drops of cedarwood oil

2 drops of lavender oil

2 drops of rosemary oil

(If you have darker hair you’ll also want to add 1/4 cup of cocoa powder for a darker color) .

Super easy, super inexpensive and totally all natural.  I chose those three oils because they are all amazing for hair and scalp support, but you can customize with your favorite oils.  I also learned a perfect application hack on Pinterest, use a makeup brush to apply the powder directly on your roots!  It’s pretty awesome having all of these oils to make my own products at home. ✨



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