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Hi Friends, I’m back again with another low tox switch and ditch!

The power of lemon essential oil has been surprising me daily! Lemon is incredibly versatile and can be used for so many things. Since I’ve been making my own cleaning products, I love to add a little lemon oil to them to give them an extra kick. I also love diffusing lemon because it wakes me up, makes me feel energetic and gives my house a nice clean smell. Recently, I’ve discovered my favorite way to use lemon oil, as a goo gone replacement!

You know I’m all about getting rid of chemicals in my home and goo gone is definitely not a product I want to have around. The problem was, I really needed to have something on hand to remove gunk from various surfaces. Hello, Home Goods price tags! I’m also always labeling everything and commonly I’ll switch out labels as I change containers, leaving a gross residue behind. Someone told me to use lemon oil instead and initially I didn’t think it would work, I had to see it to believe it. Wow did it work! It made every surface I cleaned look brand new. The photos below show a black label I removed off of a mason jar. I could not get that black residue off of the glass and a few drops of lemon oil on a paper towel did it. That definitely made me a believer in the power of lemon.

I should point out that Young Living oils are 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and are highly concentrated without the additives you find in many store bought essential oils. If you use a lower quality oil with additives, I can’t say what the results would be.

I’m excited to have found another all natural way to clean in my home. Even better, it’s one less additional product I need to purchase and keep on hand. My oils are so versatile and that’s one of many reasons I consider them a great investment.



Goo Gone Switch and Ditch 1
Goo Gone Switch and Ditch

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